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Welcome to Pakistan Aviation Research Centre


Pakistan Aviation Research Centre - PARC is the first aviation research centre in Pakistan in the private/ public sector keeping in view to development of the aviation industry of Pakistan in all respect with collaboration of national, multinational and international organizations with a dedicated team of professionals, researchers and consultants to provide the services to the Aviation Industry of Pakistan.


Education is the most important aspect of every industry of the life especially the aviation industry. Therefore, PARC is providing and will provide all types of education through different ways and means of education to promote the aviation industry of Pakistan.


PARC mainly focuses on research working since 1947 till present and aims to find out the pros and cons in every sector of the aviation industry in Pakistan and to compare other aviation industries which are successfully booming on the same aviation field.


PARC will provide all types of consultancy especially Professional Consultancy, Corporate Consultancy and Legal Consultancy to the Government, Semi Government, national, multinational and individual organizations in all fields of the aviation industry.


PARC is working and looking at the projects of Travel/ Tourism / GDS / NDC / SKY POLICIES / SAARCK / CPEC / UNWTO / WORLD BANK / UN / USAID / IMF / MOC / MOT / MOH / MOD / AIRLINES / TRAVEL AGENCIES / CAA / ICAO / IATA / UFTAA / TAPP / DTO / EMBASSIES / CHAMBERS / ASSOCIATIONS / PTDC / PBAA / PIA and other aviation related organizations.

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