About PARC

About PARC

PARC is designed to develop cooperation between the Government and private sectors as well as exchange ideas and initiatives through research, education and consultancy. We intend to work with the national, multinational and international organizations to promote our vision and look forward to collaborate with them to support the scope of the aviation industry by all means in Pakistan.

PARC will provide the advices and suggestions specifically to the Government related organizations and the Airline, Travel and Tourism industry as a whole with the concept of nurturing affiliation by means of research, education and consultancy for promoting aviation related services in Pakistan.

PARC will work towards bringing about local and foreign investment on an industrial level in Pakistan.

PARC is a modern, professional organization fully equipped with the state of the art with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.



It is my great honor and pleasure to inaugurate PARC knows as Pakistan Aviation Research Centre, a new concept for the Aviation Industry. It is the first Aviation Research Centre in Pakistan in the private/ public sector keeping in view to develop the aviation industry of Pakistan in all respect with collaboration of national, multinational and international organizations.

Establishing close relationships with our clients is a key element to reaching total solutions. We cultivate each client relationship from the initial concept to completion, often maintaining this contact years after a project is finished.

We believe successful consulting is achieved through a balance of significant experience, a working knowledge of today’s best practices, and access to cutting edge technology. We offer expertise that goes beyond “state of the practice” to include innovative solutions using techniques usually found in academic and research institutions.

PARC is providing and will provide all types of education through different ways and means of education to promote the aviation industry of Pakistan. PARC will provide all types of consultancy especially Professional Consultancy, Corporate Consultancy and Legal Consultancy to the Government, Semi Government, national, multinational and individual organizations in all fields of the aviation industry.

We are proud of the quality of services and our responsiveness to client schedules.

These are the keystones to our business and long-lasting client relationships.

Syed Baqar Mahdi