Mahdi Travels Service Standards

Upon gaining a new client, a set of service standard tailored to those clients’ individual needs is agreed. These are then introduce and reviewed on a regular basis in conjunction with the client. Thus ensuring we are providing the optimum levels of service possible.

Detailed below are some of the service standard of Mahdi Travels Management.
• We will answer 90% of all calls within 4 rings.
• We will acknowledge all emails within 4 hours, during working day.
• We will not issue any travel documentation without first receiving a correctly authorized and completed purchase order.
• All air booking will be ticked and dispatched at least 24 hour prior to be departure, unless booking occurs within that period or otherwise agreed with the client.
• We will provide to all travelers a comprehensive itinerary for every booking.
• Comparison quotes detailing cheaper option will be given every time upon receiving travel request.
• All reservation will be made in accordance with the client’s company travel policy.
• Written confirmation of all booking will be sent to the clients.

Mahdi Travels – Pakistan – Service Timing and Availability
• Working week Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 19:00.
• Weekly holiday on Sunday.
• 24 hour emergency supports for after office hours & on Holidays.
• Member of the designated team will have 24 hour mobile contact.

Which will immediately assist on any inquiry / problem.